123 Plasters for Cuts & Grazes Assorted (Pack 25)


Three practical sizes.
Highly absorbent.
Washproof breathable pu film.
Apply easily in all conditions.
10 x 6cm x 10cm
10 x 3cm x 7cm
5 x 2.6cm x 6.5cm
Featuring the unique 1,2,3 tab application, there has never been a simpler way to apply a plaster. The low-allergy adhesive makes them safe to use even on the most sensitive skin, and the clever use of soft, flexible, and opaque polyurethane, not only allows the skin to breathe, preventing maceration, but also looks very discreet when worn, compared to traditional plasters. Three sizes are available to take care of typical everyday cuts and grazes. The range is completely washproof, comfortable to wear, and maintains superb stickability. The sterile wound pad is low-adherent and highly absorbent. The individually wrapped plasters are supplied in a neat, stackable, compact box.

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